What happened to micro 4/3 pricing?

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Re: What happened to micro 4/3 pricing?

Recently Panasonic made an announcement about their strategy which I found illuminating. the wording of it is available online but the gist of it was that, like the majors, their strategy lies in offering new and innovative bodies at or near  their cost while making their profits on lens and accessory sales. As new models are introduced older stock is sold at a further discount to entice more buyers to buy into the system.  Micro4/3 is robust enough to keep most of its converts so they will continue to purchase into the system.

I have embraced m4/3 in part because the system as a whole seems to represent a better value overall, taking both the loss-leading bodies and the profit center lenses and accessories into account, than the major manufacturers FF and APSC systems where lenses and flashes seem more like a swirling vortex of perpetual expenditure. I dont need to play that game. I have a boat for that.

This is just my reasonably well informed theory though. But it fits the facts and there are many parallels in the electronics world. Printers are one example. We've become accustomed to buying the latest and greatest high resolution multi whizz bang device for a few hundred dollars and are perfectly content to shell out a quarter or a third of the purchase price to refill it with dead simple colored liquids several times over its lifetime.

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