What happened to micro 4/3 pricing?

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Re: What happened to micro 4/3 pricing?

Loga wrote:

GX1 is an "old model" considering the lifecycle of m43 cameras. Even if it is a good camera - and t is, it has an outdated sensor, which is inferior to both Oly's and Pana's current top sensors. Oly models in the same size has not only better sensor, but in-body stabilizer as well (the user experience and body style is another question, for me, the GX1 wins here).

So YES, it is a good time to buy a GX1 if you are considering a second "go to everywhere" camera. Attaching a 20 1.7 lens (try to get a second hand), and you have a really strong combo - I bet, the image quality will suprises you. And even if it is not the latest sensor, the f1.7 of the 20mm lens makes it a very competitive combo in low light too.

The 20 1.7 is exactly what I would be interested in. I didn't know about the in body IS. I thought all mirrorless cameras had that. Guess not. How does the Oly EPL5 compare to the GX1 in terms of image quality and features? It goes for 2x the price!

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