Experiences of People with Mixed (DX/FX) systems

Started Apr 18, 2013 | Questions thread
amagbanua New Member • Posts: 13
Re: Experiences of People with Mixed (DX/FX) systems

Have the same dilemma. Have D800E on the way and currently shooting D700/D300 combo. Like the poster , I've found that the DX/FX combo doesn't really mesh all that well. The crop factor messes up the overlap.  I'm considering either selling both d700/d300 and waiting for the mythical D400 or settling for the D7100 as I do find DX useful with my sons soccer games. I'm a spray and pray kind of sports shooter so the loss in fps if I only had the D800 has me concerned. All in all I'm likely going to just go all FX as my d700 smokes the D300 at dusk games at the expense of reach.   Plus I can have my sigma 35mm 1.4 and my Nikon 85mm 1.4g on 2 different FX bodies at the same time during events without worrying about crop factor

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