What happened to micro 4/3 pricing?

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Re: What happened to micro 4/3 pricing?

It's hard to do anything but guess but so here's my halfpenny's worth.

Because of their versatility, the cameras are popular with enthusiasts, people who previously owned or would have bought a DSLR.

Instead, they buy a top end M43 to combine versatility with lightness.

On the other hand, the very versatility that makes them attractive to enthusiasts makes them appear complex to non-enthusiasts who  might want to upgrade from a point and shoot.

These photographers buy a bridge camera instead. That leaves the main sales of the GFxs and so on as second cameras for enthusiasts. That isn't a lot of sales and so the prices are reduced.

No howling me down, please, it's just an attempt at an explanation from a person with no inside knowledge, expertise or emotional involvement with objects made from glass, silicon and metal 

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