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I Appreciate Your Comment Tom....Totally Valid...Thank You...

Tom Caldwell wrote:

jimr wrote:

"Our early impressions of the image quality are that the JPEG engine is not doing as well as Nikon's in terms of getting the sensor's capability into a JPEG. We'll be testing the two cameras side-by-side in the coming weeks."

from Dpreview

With respect Jim, point well raised, but it seems that in any review, even a first look, any adverse comment is made into a monster target for everyone to shoot at.  If the highest quality jpg image is the only bone of contention, and if indeed dpreview's casual first time once over impression proves to be correct, then go for the Nikon A.  From what I could see of the "quick look" that was the only area where the Nikon A "scored" and even that was doubtlful, an aside, and had to be checked more thoroughly.

The GR seems to be an excellent camera for the dedicated involved user that beats the Nikon A in almost every respect and is approximately 73% of the cost.  Look forward to a price reduction on the Nikon A shortly and great jpg images to be had to compensate for the lack of other things.

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