Need help deciding between the Sony NEX 6 or the Olympus OMD EM5?

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Re: Problem with lens?

Can you tell what lens you think you need? Then we can tel what way you should go.

It is true that there are more lenses for the m43 then for the nex range, but most FL up to 210mm are covered at the moment with zoom lenses, the most important FL up to 50mm are covered with primes. Some high quality primes from Zeiss are on its way so if you are willing to pay their price that is an option too.

I'm not saying Nex has all covered as some lenses are still needed (short tele prime, high quality zoom lenses etc) But the question is do you need those lenses?

Then the quality of the lenses. Remember that on a M43 camera all lenses are corrected in camera, most test are using correctedd output to test the IQ, on the Nex they most use uncorrected output.

And look at the results on the net with Sony camera/lenses and you will see if the IQ is good enough for you or not. For most people even the kit lenses are more then enough for their needs, but only you can deside...

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