Need help deciding between the Sony NEX 6 or the Olympus OMD EM5?

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Re: Problem with lens?

DtEW wrote:

Smiller4128 wrote:

I'm looking at a lot of forums and websites and almost everyone is knocking the NEX system for their lenses. They all say that the lenses aren't great at all. Any merit to that statement? Cause I had been leaning towards the OMD EM5, but then I handled the NEX6 in store today and liked it, plus the fact that its a good $300-$400 cheaper doesn't hurt either But now with this possible lens issue, I'm not sure again lol

Personally, I'm tired of talking about the fanboy-ish nature of many m43ers, their insecurity that APS-C mirrorless competition will make them irrelevant, which then manifests as relentless politicking against other systems (particularly the price-competitive NEXs)... and this now-perpetuated Big Lie that 1) m43 lenses are all great, 2) the NEX lenses all suck, and 3) and there are lots of m43 lenses while there are no NEX lenses.

I think the proof lies in the pudding.

You can look for yourself and see what looks better.  Or conclude that there is no significant difference whatsoever.

This reminds me of when the 55-210 came out.  There were some immediate complaints about it (seemingly from non-owners), but when I saw actual posted photos, they all seemed to be good, oddly enough.  Even crops had lots of detail.  We're not talking about a super-expensive f2.8 tele-zoom, but for what it is, it's pretty good.  If you find that m43 has a similar lens that is less-expensive and/or better, then that could be an argument to get an m43 camera, if that's the only type of lens and range that matters.  If you're going to be negative about Nex lenses, it seems to me that you should have more evidence that there's something wrong with the current lenses.  The zooms tend to be less high-end and more consumer-oriented.  If you want the highest quality, you have options with primes or you can always go with Alpha mount,which has lots of choices.  The adapter isn't a big deal if you already wanted a larger lens anyway.  But I have a problem finding fault with the 55-210, for example, and I have no need for 20 lenses -- as long as the lenses I want are available, then it doesn't matter if another brand has more.

In the early days of the Nex, the complaints were 1) lack of lenses and 2) isn't that kit lens huge?  You don't see as much of those complaints any more.  Now it's more like, "Where's that high-quality medium tele zoom?"  Yeah, ok, there's a place for that lens, but personally, I think I'm good for a while on lenses.  But if you have not yet committed to a brand, you have the luxury of reviewing the available lens selection and deciding if there are gaping holes that are important to you.

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