best external monitor for retina macbook?

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thunderbolt dock, usb 3 and hdmi display

zenkizero wrote:

I bought the retina macbook pro, this will be my main computer for editing on photoshop/lightroom etc. With photoshop etc not being updated for retina yet I want to get an external monitor. 27 inch. What would be the best option? If it had hdmi it would be a bonus as i could play xbox on it also. Ive been looking at the dell ultrasharps but all this talk about the anti glare coating is putting me off. Im looking to spend around 600-800 pounds (would rather the lower figure)

actually i am planning to get a caldigit thunderbolt docking station that they just announced

that way i can do usb 3 plus hdmi monitor and another few more TB devices downstream

I have a dell small DVI/hdmi monitor

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