Who here got rid of all dust on their sensor with wet cleaning?

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Re: Who here got rid of all dust on their sensor with wet cleaning?

1w12q312qw1 wrote:

Lobo93065 wrote:

I'm concerned about Pec Pads and the manufacturer's statement not to use them for sensor cleaning. Also, CopperHill says quickstrips are Pec Pads cut to a size more suitable for sensor cleaning, so I have the same concern with quickstrips.

Would anyone care to comment on why the manufacturer is saying this

Because they want you to buy Sensorswabs.

You might be right, but my experience tells me not to be cynical. Here are just two examples:

A mechanic told me I needed to replace a plastic part on my car (something I eventually learned to do myself) because it was old enough that it would fail soon. I was convinced he just wanted to sell labor and parts. I was wrong! Within a year or two it failed. Fortunately, after the failure, I didn't need to replace the head or the engine, but everything pointed to that until I asked a few simple questions at another shop.

My vet told me to have my dog's teeth cleaned regularly. I was convinced he only wanted to sell services. I was wrong. The dog developed oral cancer that would have been discovered at a treatable stage if I had listened to the vet.

Some questions just need to be asked. Some concerns are worth raising, even if they are nothing to worry about after all.

Also, my wife accuses me of always thinking of the worst case scenario. I can't help myself 

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