Fuji X-S1, HS50EXR & Panasonic FZ200 Comparison

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Re: Fuji X-S1, HS50EXR & Panasonic FZ200 Comparison

tron555 wrote:

So, what you are saying is optimize the setting for the HS50EXR first in all cameras, then do another test to try to make the HS50EXR look better in the comparison. Maybe you can make the HS50EXR look better than the other two cameras if you do that. That is NOT how to make a true comparison.

Hello tron555,

I can agree with you at the above, its like fighting with one arm on there back for the other cams.

Take everything at default settings, THAT is how it should be done.

I can only agree with this part up to a certain point, her is my opinion.

For the ppl who buy a cam, and DONT want to do ANY fiddeling around with PSAM, RAW/jpg  PP incam settings etc etc, ... THÁN you are right, they shoud go for a cam where the DESIGNERS/ENGINEERS taste's,  /  settings are closest to there OWN likes, and then compare cams pics SOOC.

But for ppl like Joms (and many others), who are NOT scared at all, to squeeze the last possible IQ increase out of a cam, the method of comparing cams straight-from-the-box is NOT the right way. Every cam should be adjusted to THAT specific session, for THÁT cam, and yes that is time consuming.

That is also the part of testing that is hard to do for the ppl writing a "review" it needs lots of experimenting.

So, i agree with the topic writer, he tested the cams the way HE is going to use the cam, and selects the cam that fits best to HIM that way.

Again, stop trying to make excuses for the HS50EXR since it is NOT the holy grail of super zoom cameras as you could/should obviously be able to see. The problem with the HS50EXR is the sensor is too small and the zoom is too large, it should only be more like 24-30x with a larger/better sensor and processor!

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