How can I determine if my new D7000 has the oil problem?

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Re: How can I determine if my new D7000 has the oil problem?

dezinerd wrote:

Hey, Just take it back. You have a plateful with your work and as a wise person said "things don't make you happy" Technology sucks. Just look at a pair of young lovers out for dinner and texting while not talking or enjoying their food. Photography like most all other hobbies will try to get a hold on your wallet. You can avoid this by buying yesterdays technology at todays prices. You get a guarantee and you bought at just slightly above the used price. That is the smart way to buy also look into refurbs at big stores like Cameta, Adorama, B&H and maybe others. The refurb can take the pain out of having the latest tech. But remember "things won't make you happy". Hope this helped Some ones by line used to be "lets get serious about this and put photography where it is supposed to be, it is just a hobby" Hey I probably mangled that but you get the idea.

Edit, I was replying to the original poster but thought he was talking about a D7100. Everything else is my story and I'm stickin to it

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You're right. I don't think about getting a D7100 anymore and rarely read about it. I'm taking a digital photography class with my D7000 at the community college with a terrific teacher and now I just think about how to take a great picture with the D7000 which I am falling in love with.

Thanks.... good thoughts....


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You're as happy as you think you are.

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