Has anyone used the Aurora FBO65 Firefly Beauty Box?

Started Feb 19, 2013 | Discussions thread
Genes Pentax Senior Member • Posts: 1,037
Try SMDV's Diffuser-60 and Diffuser-50

I don't have experience with the particular product you are asking about, but I'd recommend checking out SMDV Diffuser-60 and Diffuser-50.

I've been using them for about 3 months now.  Very very convenient.  Super fast set up.  Very well made.  Light quality is very good.

They all go very good reviews.

See the link below.



I sometimes even use Diffuser-50 when I'm chasing my little ones.  I basically hold the flash and the softbox with my left hand and handle my camera with my right hand.  Because of the size of the softbox, it's not so easy.  So I'm rather itching to try out the smaller Diffuser-40 for that purpose.  But because of the compact size and build quality of the softbox, the handholding method works while chasing little ones indoors.  Quality of light, of course, is so much better than Gary Fong or other cheaper/smaller softboxes ...


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