NEX 5R/6 and Fuji X100s

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Re: NEX 5R/6 and Fuji X100s

perez69 wrote:

You can add sharpness to a X-Trans Raw without problem. But try to increase iso...

You sound very defensive of the X100s. Did I not say that the X100s should be better in low light? By the way, adding sharpness brings as much of a tradeoff as adding noise reduction.

joe talks photography wrote:

BBViet wrote:

cmc1 wrote: [...]

From what I know if you get the X100s you'll be stuck with JPEGs for a while, as there's no program that can properly handle its RAW files yet.

As for IQ, the X100S JPEGs should be better than the 5R/6 JPEGs in low light situations. In good light the IQ should be similar if you got a decent lens (like the Sigma 30) on the NEX.

Lightroom has released an update for better Raw processing of X100s files.

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I don't have an X100s so I can't be 100% for sure but judging by the samples here at DPR (which were processed with the latest ACR7.4), the RAWs are still muddy. Have you looked at the link I posted earlier?

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