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by that definition the GR is really "not-involved"

I reach different conclusion: the GR is for "not-involved" user, or, to be more specific: not for "more" involved user. The GR has very few external controls, as many functions and  settings as possible were removed from the body and moved to the rear LCD and menus. Of course this is in line with similar older Ricoh designs, so no surprise here.

Obviously using elegant and logical Ricoh menu one can control the camera in a very "involved" way --but isn't this also true for every camera in the same price bracket? To me "another level of satisfaction" comes from being able to to set shutter speed by clicking an external knob, being able to turn the aperture lens ring, looking at DOF scale engraved on the lens and using zone focusing.

just my 2c.

Tom Caldwell wrote:


I like to use the terms "involved" and  "not-involved" user.  Those involved want to play with the controls and those not-involved just want to take images without fuss.  By this term the NEX is a not-involved camera but it works well, as much as an entry level dslr is also capable of being used in a not-involved manner and will image well.

P&S to my mind implies that there might be something inferior in the results obtained.  Whether being "involved" gets better results is another moot point, but it does bring another level of satisfaction by being able to fully control the camera and to do so.

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