D800e Red Oversaturation

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Re: Gamut limiting (with example)

CraigBennett wrote:

Julian Vrieslander wrote:

On a possibly related issue: some people claim that ACR and the Adobe Standard profile produces oversaturated colors.  When I compare with raw conversions in ViewNX 2 and Nikon's SD profile, the colors look muted and undersaturated.

Nope, I see the same with Adobe Standard profile, it is muted and undersaturated.

Are you using a calibrated wide gamut monitor?  Color-managed apps?

On my system, the difference between ACR/Adobe Standard and ViewNX/SD is obvious.  I also see a significant difference between ACR/Adobe Standard and ACR/Camera SD (which is Adobe's attempt to match the rendition of Nikon's SD.  But on an sRGB monitor, these differences are reduced.

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