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Re: DPR hands on preview. GR

SLOtographer wrote:

Ray Sachs wrote:

Cane wrote:

So it's a NEX 6, with all the cool features removed?

Nope. Its a Ricoh GR with a completely different set of cool features. If you like the cool features on the Nex, that's great. I much prefer the cool features on the GR. And I'd rather have one GOOD lens than.... oh, never mind...

Nice we both have options to enjoy.


Hey Ray!  Funny that we're crossing paths here on the Ricoh forum.  When I saw the GR press release, I thought of you!  You've mentioned for a long time that the GRD is a camera you really like in terms of ergonomics.  I've noted that.  I bet this is a camera that ends up in your bag.  Really exciting times for small cameras the past year or two.

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"If we limit our vision to the real world, we will forever be fighting on the minus side of things, working only too make our photographs equal to what we see out there, but no better." -- Galen Rowell

Yep, Ray, you've seemed very impressed with the sharp results of the Nikon A. Will be very curious to hear how you think the IQ of the Ricoh might beat it. As I am looking at this as a pocketsized carry everywhere street and landscape camera, this will be the key distinguisher for me.


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