18-200 or 70-300 VR with D7100?

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Re: Tough call

harpo95993 wrote:

The Nikon Outlet store has refurbished 70-300s for $299 right now.

Not that one...that's the much older "D" version without the AF-S motor and inferior optics.

We're talking about the "G" version.

The 18-200 is an OK lens but not the best compromise for this camera.  The best pairing would be either a 16-85 + 70-300 or an 18-105 + 70-300, the latter being $200 cheaper.  With either the 16-85 or 18-105, you will not have the 70-300 mounted much unless you are into deep telephoto.

Beyond these options you start talking faster, shorter zooms and 3rd party offerings.  For example, the Sigma 17-70 f2.8-f4.0 "C" ($500) and 70-300G is 2/3 stop faster than the 16-85 in their common FL range, but is starting to get a bit short on the tele end.  It's always good to have some overlap between lenses because no lens is at its best at the extremes of its FL range.

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