I wish Fuji imitated Sigma...

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Re: I wish Fuji imitated Sigma...

First of all, DPR readers are a tiny subset of consumer population, second, people who are willing to carry three identical camera with different focal length for a pleasure of having a leaf shutter \are a tiny subset of that population (and that subset is usually heavily biased towards 35mm or 28 mm equivalent focal lengths).  Third, I doubt many of you have used Sigma cameras.  These are pretty miserable pieces of hardware without exception.  The only bright spot is an incredible Foveon sensor, but alas, it only works in good light, so basically you are limited to landscape or studio shooting.  Again, I doubt that many here shot Foveon at high ISO- its barely suitable for B&W conversion.   If you think X100S is not designed for the masses, try Sigma

eabepak wrote:

abepak wrote:

What I mean by that is, I wish Fuji would release the X100S in different focal length variants.  If they produced them in the three classic photojournalism focal lengths, I would sell all my gear and move over to Fuji.  I actually wouldn't mind the cost (provided that they each cost about what the current x100s costs) and mark it having a quieter leaf shutter and the higher sync speed it brings with it.  For strobists, I would think that it would pay for itself in regards to what one might spend for the price of lights.

Why?  You can have an xpro1 with three lenses, or an updated xpro1, and whenever Fuji updates the sensor you won't have to throw away perfectly good glass.  higher synch speed won't justify this for 99% of people.  Sigma did the DP line only because they didn't have the technical capability to make an interchangeable lense compact, so just kept milking the DPbody structure.   No one should imitate sigma, it's a company that screwed up the reputation of Foveon sensors by putting them inincapable poorly designed bodies.  My 0.02.

Sorry. But I disagree. It may be true that the masses might not care about the quiet shutter and higher sync speed. But at $1300 for a non-interchangeable prime lens camera, the x100s isn't designed for the masses.

Plus... the x pro 1 doesn't really compare to all the upgrades the x100s received. For example, even if the x pro 2 received the phase detect that x100s has, there's a distinct possibility that it won't help the autofocus speed of current lenses with the current lenses being cdaf optimized.

Sorry if my point seems incomplete. I'm typing this on my phone and it's a pita.

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