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Re: DPR hands on preview. JPG's poor on Ricoh

stdavid wrote:

I am confused by the comments of poor quality JPEG's. I have read a lot of reviews that love the JPEG's  such as this from Photo net:

"The GRD4’s in-camera JPEGs are generally excellent up to ISO 400 and very good to ISO 1600.  While it’s nice to have raw/DNG to work from when desired, I found it difficult to top the Ricoh’s in-camera JPEGs for most photos."

So some of you are saying if you don't shoot RAW don't get the Ricoh GR series?

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Don't worry the jpg images are fine.  Some decide to process RAW, that is good.  A little more can usually be extracted from a RAW file processed.  But to imply that Ricoh jpg images are necessarily always poor is not correct.  Also the purpose of the capture is also moot.  If the images are casual shots then is it not necessary to shoot in RAW and process them when a jpg is not only useful enough but quite good anyway - and straight from the camera.  But it is always the user's preference and their call.

I tend to capture both RAWand jpg and if the jpg is good enough for the purpose then there is no need for the RAW.  If I make a mistake then I can recover a better image from RAW.  If the image is particularly valuable to me then I can always re-process it from RAW.

To need to process every RAW image captured is to imply that every shot is a show-stopper and mine are not (often intentionally by circumstance) that good.  But I usually find that jpg versions are still respected.  Sometimes all this talk about only shooting in RAW format and processing all images taken develops more inadequacy symptoms in otherwise jpg shooters than throws light on the subject.

To illustrate by stating the ridiculous: I have used my GRD quite often to record documents like a mini portable photo-copier, take photographs in stages of disassembly of a repair.  Use the camera as a working tool in other words.  To say that these images must be taken in RAW and processed is rather silly.  There are many other instances, even the party shots or those of kids running around - never meant to be works of art - point'n'shoot from a sophisticated camera, but suits a purpose.  Processing such trivia from RAW files is more trivia in itself.

But of course if every shot must be a careful effort and the prize of continued highest final quality is constantly sought then processing from RAW always helps as it does in rectification of poor camera work.  Meanwhile I find that Ricoh's jpg files are in general respects no worse than any others that I see. Get it right first time with your own talent and the jpg files are as good as any other jpg.

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