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Re: The One Real Concern Mentioned....

ElessarJD wrote:

Joel Stern wrote:

jimr wrote:

"Our early impressions of the image quality are that the JPEG engine is not doing as well as Nikon's in terms of getting the sensor's capability into a JPEG. We'll be testing the two cameras side-by-side in the coming weeks."

from Dpreview

Ricoh's jpeg engine is never there strong point, shoot RAW always.

This is unfortunate, as the camera is sized and priced to appeal to both enthusiasts and pros who want a portable compact camera without sacrificing image quality by going with cheaper models.  I fall into the category that would appreciate the better IQ, but don't necessarily want to go through processing all my pics in RAW.  At $800 it's like a P&S on steroids, but if you have to shoot RAW that sort of negates that type of usage.

Good news week, the dpreview quick look did not say that the jpg images were terribly terribly bad, only that the Nikon A might have been a little better, but they had to check in a fuller test.  Hardly enough to cause us to weep in our beer.  I would expect the GR to perform similarly to the Pentax dslr sporting the same sensor and to process the jpg files to a similar standard, why not? If the Ricoh jpg engine is "not good" then Ricoh is sporting a "new engine" and understandably would have taken lessons from the Pentax experience if this was necessary.  Just as much as why would the Nikon A not process it's jpg files to a similar standard to any Nikon dslr with an aps-c sensor - was Nikon going to deliberately cripple the "A"?

Myself, I have never had much of a problem with Ricoh jpg images.  I shoot both and generally use only the jpg version created in camera unless it is very special (or "stuffed up") when I re-process the raw version.

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