NEW to 7D - Seems to focus soft?

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More info needed...

LordofTheFlies wrote:

Hi, I saw a 7D at a price that said buy me.  This is my first Canon ever.  It came with a 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens.   My brother has had Canon's for years and loves them.

I don't know if it's the kit lens or the body but it's soft on focus.

As I'm used to Nikon and other Med Format gear for studio work I'm wondering if there is MA required or is it the kit lens?  New to the 7D and would like to play with it for a bit.


So, not nearly enough info here for anyone to be of much help.  You might post an example picture for starters. Also, what mode were you focusing in (all points? single point?).  If all points (which I think may be the default when you power up), that could definitely explain focus issues.  Don't feel bad if that's the case, you're only one of many, many others here who have been bitten in the same way.  Switch to a single focus point (start with the center point to keep it simple) and make sure the point is aimed at whatever you're trying to focus on before you push the shutter button.  Also, make sure your shutter speed is sufficient to freeze any movement (either of the subject or the camera).  That can make any image appear soft.  For a static scene, figure on a shutter speed at least 2x your focal length, so if you're shooting long with that lens, 1/250s is barely enough.

If you can provide a bit more info and an example, I'm sure you'll get plenty of help.

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