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BHD2 wrote:

Myself, pocketable or not, I don't think it a good idea  to carry a camera in a pocket or even a handbag as all sorts off stuff gets in there besides cameras.  One guy on here years ago had one of his keys (in his pocket with the camera of course) pass through the front protective leaves of is GRD and scratch the lens surface, ouch.  Then there were all the dust/lint issues which could never be sheeted home to whether or not the camera had ever resided in a pocket. Therefore "fit in a pocket" is more a size-metaphor than a good practice (IMHO).

I would never put a camera in a pant pocket. But I regularly would carry my GR1 in a jacket pocket, where it was the only item in the pocket. Very convenient, and safe.

So for me, more than metaphor.

Fine by me we can split hairs when it comes to metaphors, I am sure that a dedicated jacket pocket must be better than somehow stuffing any camera into a jeans pocket as was the general drift of the posts beforehand.  "Stuffing" being the operative word.

I blushingly admit to having to have recourse to slipping a very small camera into a dedicated pocket temporarily when I simply "ran out of hands with which to hold the camera".

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