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Midwest wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:
Myself, pocketable or not, I don't think it a good idea  to carry a camera in a pocket or even a handbag as all sorts off stuff gets in there besides cameras.  One guy on here years ago had one of his keys (in his pocket with the camera of course) pass through the front protective leaves of is GRD and scratch the lens surface, ouch.  Then there were all the dust/lint issues which could never be sheeted home to whether or not the camera had ever resided in a pocket. Therefore "fit in a pocket" is more a size-metaphor than a good practice (IMHO).

Photographic styles are different among people but I've never gotten into the 'quick pull out a camera from my pocket and snap a shot with it'. Not sure what kind of shots those are but it's different than I use a camera for.

Anything that urgent and spur-of-the-moment will have to settle for my iPhone camera.

So you whip the iphone out of your pocket?

For some years I trotted around with a GRD (original) in a case that went on my belt.  Strangely in this modern age I felt no need to be always in touch with a mobile phone.  I figured: if I was in the office I had a receptionist to filter my calls and re-direct them to someone more appropriate if it was trivia.  If I was out of the office my client had a land line which could be used in emergencies when I was on their premises. When travelling I could not answer technical matters without the client's file anyway.  Besides I wanted to concentrate on my driving and not be distracted by telephones.  At any other time I had a home phone and I was not into "ring up and have a trivial conversation" any time anywhere.  So surprisingly I have managed.  I do find my mobile phone (I do have one) very handy when I am away on holiday.  Just as much as they are a great tool for travelling salesmen and trades-people, and others who are mobile and rely on serious contact for their occupation.  But for the average office worker they are more a drain on productivity that of any real use.  Also how much effort is put into talk-trivia for what is otherwise technically an amazing tool.  I guess the trivia-inspired subsidise those who actually use a mobile phone for a useful purpose.  But again one person's "trivia" is another's "useful".

So if a mobile phone will do for photography what a GR might otherwise do then surely you must go for it.  But a GR (preferrably on the belt rather than in the pocket) is always there then some great shots otherwise not caught must be made.  There is a lot to be said in regard to having a camera there when it is needed, any camera, even a mobile phone camera.

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