Is there any Landscape photographer using a SD1 Merrill in the house?

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Re: Is there any Landscape photographer using a SD1 Merrill in the house?

vbd70 wrote:

Hello Foveon lovers,

since using the DP1M, DP2M and DP3M the Foveon bug started working its way in my head and I have been considering adding a SD1 Merrill with some lenses to my arsenal. As you can see from my website(s), i do Landscape / Fine Art mostly and some architectural / portrait / editorial as well. At the moment I am Nikon-based, using a D800E & D3x with a lot of Nikon glass (14-24, 24 f1.4, 35 f1.4, 50 f1.4, 85 f1.4, 135 f2, 70-200, 24-45-85 PC-E, etc); however, I am really fond of the Foveon results and would love to have a DSLR with it in it.

For my type of shooting, however, my problem is not with the camera but with the lenses.

So, any Landscape / Fine Art guys in the house that can share their impressions of the SD1 and what glass do they use with it, especially on the WA side of things?

I am thinking 8-16, 35 f1.4, 50 f2.8 (the 50 f1.4 seems a bit soft / have field curvature, for landscape), 85 f1.4 or 70 f2.8 (same logic than with the 50 mm, the 70 seems a bit more solid for landscape), 150 f2.8 macro.

Is there any users of any of this camera / lenses combo that care to share their thoughts?

Any help is much appreciated, thank you in advance.



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Hi Vieri,

I hope you purchase an SD1M and a set of Lenses to complement to camera in the near future as i would love to see some of your images taken with this combination.

I use the SD1M and have a selection of lenses.

Personally i have had very pleasing results with the 20mm f1.8 which i really like on the SD1M.

The 8-16mm DC is also very sharp pretty well across the frame but for me it is a bit of a pain as it requires the Lucroit Filter holder which is an expense.

Also similar in requiring the filter holder is the 12-24mm which i borrowed from a friend and i was blown away with the sharpness on the SD1M (very nice!)

The 10-20mm f3.5 which i have can give good results although i have had mixed results regarding sharpness but the focal length is lovely for most of my work and i find the lens gives good contrast.

Slightly longer but a very worthy contender i have found the newest 24-70EX HSM to be a very good performer with the SD1M. A reasonably fast lens and sharp with again good contrast.

I know most of these lenses have already been mentioned on this post but then that must count for something i guess!

Hope my small contribution is a little bit of a help.

Look forward in seeing some great images from you my friend.

Kind regards Lea.

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