Lens storage. How do you keep yours?

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Re: Lens storage. How do you keep yours?

zelli wrote:

I would like to hear how people care for their lenses when stored away and not in use.  I imagine the protection from dust is a prime consideration, but what other hazards should be avoided to keep my lenses unaffected over time?  No kids or cats to worry about.

For the past eight months I currently keep my lenses out in the open on a table in my home office, both ends capped and standing vertically.  A voice inside is telling me I should be doing something different.  Perhaps storage in a plastic box put away in a cabinet?

I like to look at the equipment though.

SEL50 SEL35 SEL18200 & kit plus various FD's and Nikon's with adapters for my 5N.

How do you keep yours?

I also wanted a fancy shelve for lens. But I couldn't find any online. Anyone else have seen any?

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