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You're adding in more loose claims.

123Mike wrote:

Yes it enhances! There is an inherit sharpening effect with the Lanczos algorithm!

First, you can't sharpen detail back that wasn't there. Second, Lanczos doesn't enhance anything since there is still information lost. It minimizes the loss. Don't confuse preserving detail from the original file, with sharpening.

Lanczos has a sharpening effect, period. And that counts, period.

Another loose claim, easily proven false.

Where's your proof for this?

Here's the proof of the opposite. 100% crop from an oringally converted file:

Upscaled with Lanzcos to 150% per axis, then back to the original size with Lanczos:

If you look closely, you'll see that the original is actually sharper than the resampled version:

Anyone with Irfanview (free program) can repeat the above process.

There goes your sharpening theory. There's information lost, like with any algorithm, but Lanczos is one of the best if not the best at minimizing the loss and introducing the least amount of artifacts along the way.

It's called normalization and there is no better way to do it than the above mentioned methods. So how did you do it? Since you had some claims yourself too.

My point is, that you are comparing a 1:1 A57 output with a scaled down ENHANCED A58 output. That is not a fair comparison.

Nonsense, see what I wrote above. Educate yourself on scaling algorithms before making claims such as these.

Please do not tell me that I need to be educated on anything. I could barf up these algorithms myself I someone asked. I actually used to write image processing algorithms for a living, a salary, at a company, like you know, a job, so don't get me started using an arrogance sense of self entitlement. And that included high performance code that's enhanced with assembly code by the way. So drop the you-know-less bs.

I'm pointing out the obvious here, since you have made it clear that you have A) no understanding of what Lanczos does and doesn't do (see false claims above) and B) always ask for proof, but never substantiate your own loose claims. Apparently because you can't.

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