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BHD2 wrote:

Cane wrote:

Yes, I know, I like Ricoh, and shoot Pentax, so I am sort of in the family through marriage. I am not towing the NEX line by any means. The thing visually just looks like a NEX to me, minus an EVF, articulating screen, and ability to change lenses. I am sure it takes great pics, I just wish Pentax would also add more of the sizzle factor of items. That's all.

But the killer feature of the GR is size, which you compromise on with many of those features (particularly interchangeable lenses).

All of these cameras are targeting different sorts of tradeoffs (features, IQ, price, size, etc.), and this one, like the original GR1 film camera, is ideally suited to someone that wants very high quality images, with a camera they can stick in their pocket.

Well a bare NEX is not that much bigger than the GR, but as soon as you start adding lenses it is out of the ball park.  So it is not really a contender for comparison.  However my ideal camera would have to be a NEX6 with GXR mount rails and Ricoh firmware.

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