The (in)significance of resolution

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Re: That would be...

SandyF wrote:

Lin Evans wrote:

That would be the approximate 10 mp bayer equivalent in the 4.6 mp Foveon.


I always thought the 4.6 mp Foveon equivalency to "10 mp bayer" was a bit too conservative. I found the 4.6 mp Foveon could easily equal and out-shoot, the Pentax K20D when I used it,  which is what, about 14 mp? That's examining output on-screen.

David has a point though that in many prints, one cannot see the difference in resolution. I have 13x19 prints hanging on my walls from the DP1 and DP2 (the 4.6 mp sensor) which are indistinguishable from the full-frame 20+MP Canon 5DII (my Zion trip series).

The rule of thumb (read Dave Parker's books for more on that) is 2x the native x3 spatial location count for a Bayer equivalent. A cräppy Bayer process can wreck an otherwise good image just as much as poor processing can an x3 image.

And in another posting elsewhere here, I state that my experience is that one can see the difference in resolution. I have enough junk hanging around this house and elsewhere to confirm that to the extent that I need that.

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