Just how bad is the GH3 viewfinder?

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Re: Just how bad is the GH3 viewfinder?

Sanford wrote:

It must be better than my G2 viewfinder even if it is not great!

I have a very early unit which shipped to me in November.

For me it reminds me of when I started wearing progressive lens for reading as my eyes have gotten older. When I first started wearing the glasses it was a little disorienting, things looked distorted as I walked through the grocery store if I moved my eyes to a different part of the lens's. It took my brain a few days to learn how to wear the glasses and now I can only see the issue if I try.

The same with the GH3. Though I never really had an issue I did try looking through the VF different ways to try and see this issue I had heard about. If I moved my eye a little it was visible. Seems to be most noticeable with the information/text rather then the image itself.  but my brain found the sweet spot and it's all good.

Like I said, I wear reading glasses and I don't use them when I'm shooting so I have to use the EVF to read my settings even if I use the rear screen for comp, and I see everything just fine and other then seeing these threads I never think about it.

Now there is some color rendering issues, but it doesn't affect my ability to take pictures.

Tgutgu seems to be bent on destruction for some reason and he and his dead horse are now blocked as he brings nothing to the discussion, or really any discussion I've read comments from him in. I add this because some people think there are a lot of unhappy GH3 owners out there and for me it seems that very few people have issues, there are just a few very vocal ones that make it seem that way and to be honest, I'm not sure they even own the camera.

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