K5 IIs and the Happy Guy in NOLA

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Re: K5 IIs and the Happy Guy in NOLA

HozicEmir wrote:

Jim Radcliffe wrote:

Tom Lusk wrote:

When I look at the original size version, I see that his upper teeth have blue/purple bottoms?

Was this color actually on his teeth or is it something to do with the camera/lens combo?

Uh.. I do believe it has something to do with it being Mardi Gras.  No, it's not the camera or lens.

I swear, you post a photo in this forum and everyone looks for faults.. but then I have to remember that this is a GearHead forum.

Just make big :)) and keep making great pictures, I think that you contribute more to this subforum than most of gear heads here so just feed us with images pls

I have to agree. Always enjoy your photo posts, don't always comment.  You were posting images taken with the 18-135 a while ago. I notice this one is from the 16-50. What are your thoughts on these two lenses? And also - don't want to hijack the thread or anything - you had a problem with mirror flop (overrun?) a while back which you wrote about. What was the eventual outcome? was it fixed? was the fix successful?

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