Will a summer A77 firmware obviate the pending release of a new APS-C model A78?

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Re: Almost all my a77 complaints are firmware related, not hardware

Old Man River wrote:

It seems like you are opining that nothing can be done with the noise inherent to the APS-C sized SLT pellicle mirror at higher ISOs- and that almost everything else is a possible candidate for firmware improvement.

Is that correct?

Yes. Light contains noise in form of photons arriving at random intervals. This is also called shot noise. You can never remove this noise by camera technology. The closer you get to the theoretical perfect sensor where all photons are captured and you only see the shot noise, the smaller advantage you get from a reduction in camera noise. And we are already very close to that now.

The difference between the Minolta 7D and the a77 is 7 years and 0,5 stops. Without the fixed mirror, the difference could have been 1 stop. That is all.

The next 1 stop improvement will probably take much longer than 7 years unless they find a way of recording color information without throwing "wrong-coloured" photons away like they do today in the Bayer filter.

If you have a reasonable modern camera and buy a new camera with the same sensor size and same mirror technology because you want less low light noise, you are cheating yourself.

Also, where does tweaking the JPEG engine fall on a 1 to 10 difficulty scale for the SONY Alpha engineers?  Knowing the nature of the hurdle might speak to it impending probability of coming to fruition.

I have no idea. In-camera JPG doesn't interest me.

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