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Re: The One Real Concern Mentioned....

armanius wrote:

ElessarJD wrote:

I didn't say it was strictly a P&S.  My point was, given where it's priced and it's size, it can be a little bit of everything.  It can be a high quality P&S for low end users, or a DSLR replacement for a photographer on the go or something in between.  But if you have to shoot RAW, that limits who it's useful for.

I don't see many non-enthusiast P&S users (i.e. Best Buy shoppers) buying many if any Ricoh GR's. The target buyer for Ricoh cameras is pretty narrow for the most part.


At $800, it's even more than entry-level DSLRs so this is definitely not a camera low-end P&S upgraders will be interested in. Especially without a zoom lens.

You've got to be pretty keen on photography already beyond the P&S stage to even be interested in a single focal length camera like this or the Coolpix A. That's who Ricoh and Nikon are aiming at and they know it.

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