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James Pilcher wrote:

elemenoP wrote:

Markr041 wrote:

"The LX7 already has a fantastic lens, now all they need is to combine it with a larger sensor like the Sony RX100."

You cannot combine that specific lens with a larger sensor and have an f1.4 lens with the same specs.

That's the whole point. If even you are missing what the LX7 offers, then Panasonic can only imitate the RX100: a camera with a big sensor and a slow (at tele end), less high quality lens. It is slow to keep it compact; it is lower quality to keep the price reasonable. You simply cannot have a fast lens all the way, a zoom, and a big sensor in a pocketable camera. The lens would have to be much bigger, and much more expensive.

The LX7 is an alternative to the RX100, a different path.

But nobody thought you could stick a 1" sensor in a tiny camera, until Sony did it. So of course the specs on the next Sony model will be better, most likely a better lens since the sensor is already the best in the class. Panasonic has the best in class lens, so they need to improve the sensor. I'm not an optical engineer so I don't understand the challenges and I don't want to, but it just makes sense that these two different paths are going to converge.


It is physically impossible to increase the sensor size while maintaining the same f/1.4-2.3 aperture range AND keep a small lens. Bigger sensors require lenses with bigger exit pupils and therefore bigger glass elements. The bigger the glass elements become, the longer the lens becomes because glass can only bend the light path so much.

So, pick two:

  • larger sensor
  • fast lens
  • small camera

Jim Pilcher
Summit County, Colorado, USA

Exactly. Most of this thread is science fiction.

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