How Idiot Proof is D7100

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Re: How Idiot Proof is D7100

A technicain who worked for me once said "Dang it, every time I make something idiot proof, they go an change the specs on idiots!"

With that introduction, I have just gone to a D7100 from a D5100 and am quite happy with the upgrade. I can be as much of an idiot as anyone and I don't see any disadvantage to the D7100 in the hands of an idiot. In agreement with a previous poster, the focus lock switch on the D7100 is a real plus as I too often inadvertantly move the focus point with the 4-way rocker on the D5100 and don't notice until too late.

With the advice to always hand the camera to non-experts in Auto mode, either camera will perform as an overkill point and shoot and doo just find. You may have to tell them what a viewfinder is for if they are used to looking at the LCD with the camera held out in fron t of them, but that is solvable.

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