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kutkun wrote:

"politically incorrect" is better than "politically correct". at least it is honest.

politically-correct-ness is a way of lying. it is dishonesty.

i also think that forcing people to talk "in a certain way" is a fascizm.

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ignorantia non est argumentum

Agreed, but sometimes all it takes is to think ... we just had a debate about whether or not same sex couples should be able to get married, using all the traditional terms, like wedding (but not use bride and groom, only use party A, will you take party B... fantastic stuff!). On the talkback radio stations, you were welcome when you thought it was just fantastic, but you were not allowed to have an opinion thinking this was wrong ...

A society where you have to think politically correct all the time is as bad as society where political correctness is a term forged by the evil within.

So, in short, politeness and respect a matter of dishonesty and hypocrisy?

Surely not. I once did a paper on civilisation, trying to define what this actually means and found the definition by that ... what's his name, from Israel, anyway, he said that civilisation is to refrain from following your basic instincts and to surrender to laws and rules that don't always follow what your immediate instincts tell you.

I mean, there is the bedroom and there is public life ...


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