Before I take the plunge and purchase a Nikon D800e. Any thoughts on the rumored

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Re: Before I take the plunge and purchase a Nikon D800e. Any thoughts on the rumored

ata3001 wrote:

I'll bet many who claim they see no difference are comparing images they got while hand holding the camera. Hand held images will prove absolutely nothing. Camera must be tripod mounted, MLU & using a remote shutter release & same lens all done in a windless environment to eliminate any variables.

DPR did tests while on a tripod in their D800 review.  Go check it out.  Basically at the lenses  sharpest aperture and if you do everything right to optimize sharpness there is a slight but noticeable difference, at least while looking at 100% on the computer.  Stop down or open up from the ideal aperture and differnce gets less and less until it s completely gone.  It is up to the individual user to decide if the slight but somewhat noticeable better sharpness only at your lenses sharpest aperture and then only when you do everything else right as well is worth the extra money and risk of aliasing artifacts in your images.   Unfortunately this decision is compounded by the weak AA filter in the D800 which form most tests I have seen only makes moire slightly less sever instead of eliminating it completely when compared to the same shot taken with the D800E.

That said over all IMO the extra money for the E version would be much better spent toward other things you might need with you D800 like lenses, memory cards, hard drives, a strap, flash, batteries, a good tripod ect.

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