My Sony Nex 6 got stolen :(((

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Re: My Sony Nex 6 got stolen :(((

MintTheCandy wrote:

Sorry if i can't explain it very well or if it doesnt make sense at all. But i just think buying another NEX6 is not worth the money since its not going to be something 'new' or i just need some lecture that the NEX6 is indeed equal or superior than the OMD..

Well besides the argument that a newly purchased, never used camera is just as 'new' as any's a point that might help:

The OM-D debuted in Feb/March 2012, while the NEX6 debuted in Sep 2012.  So the OM-D by this measure is actually OLDER than the NEX-6.

Both are likely to have successors coming soon, but that doesn't really mean anything about their performance and features today.  The NEX6 is state-of-the-art now, with one of the best EVFs in the business, one of the best sensors, and very current features and capabilities like wifi, giving it future expandability.

They're both fine cameras - but don't make your decision on one being 'not new'.

As for superior or equal - pretty much no cameras in the same category are 'superior' to others - and they are all for the most part equal.  Each of these two cameras has its own set of advantages and disadvantages compared to the other, and there are very happy users of both.  A good photographer can be a good photographer with either, and a bad photographer can still be a bad photographer with either!

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