Apple craps are way overpriced

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Re: Object to your title!

There's no reason to call Apple products "cr*p".  The millions of people who buy them aren't all idiots, and I know top engineers who use MPB's alongside PC and Unix systems and a guy who made his fortune in PC's who, now retired, uses Macs.

There have been some poor products from Apple and some mis-steps.  iPhones, for example, were hard to survice until the iPhone  5, and their cheaper products tend to be throwaways (sound familiar?  Just like Sony?).

There also are many very well-made and -sometimes superbly-designed Apple products.  I can't help but notice, for example, how much better-made and more-pleasant-to-use the MBP I managed to get for about $1200 (London Drug closeout of last year's i7 model) is than the Toshiba 930-01 which I managed to get for $800 in a similar deal (because it is half the weight and somewhat user-servicable, and because Windows 7 (NOT 8!!!) is a workable OS.)

Ergonomics is all about the way a commodity is more than the sum of its parts and works as an integrated product.  Steve Jobs was obsessive about this, and MBP's, especially, still tend to benefit from this.  As, very likely, will "your" wife, if her main goal is to make movies rather than to learn about hardware and software.

Our daughter, who is just finishing her second year of law school did pass on her MBP to her fellow-law-student partner because, as an 80+ WPM touch-typist she found the "Thinkpad" based Lenovo keyboard better.  It was a better tool for her constant note-taking.  But this hardly make MBP's "craps"

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