LA-EA2 vs. EF Speedbooster

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Re: LA-EA2 vs. EF Speedbooster

Crono_DL wrote:

I have the NEX-6 and Speed Booster. I use it with OM and Nikon MF lenses, and it's just plain awesome. Small, sharp lenses, on a small body. Nothing like a fast small prime, with full frame DOF and an extra stop of light.

I wouldn't want to use a Canon zoom on it, though. It'll be very much out of balance, and the weight of the lens pretty much negates the biggest draw of a mirrorless camera, which is the small size.

If you really want to use a quality Canon zoom, I would just use the $600 you'd spend on the Speed Booster and rent or even buy a Canon 60D or similar DSLR. You'd have an easier time using the big lenses.

Thanks for the input, Danny.  For me, generally I'm comfortable with a larger lense on my Nex as long as it's not ridiculously large.  The particular zoom I'm looking at is actually shorter than the Nex 55-210.  It weighs more but is still light as far as camera gear goes.  I have multiple legacy zooms I like using. 
I realize I could get a Canon body instead of the SB but then I won't gain a stop of light and FF equivalence on every Canon lense I use.  Maybe what I should be considering is a Canon prime though? But I liked that the zoom is also image stabilized.  If I do go that route, it should beat the pants off my Nex zooms in lower light.

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