7D- 2 questions: Custom WB and Magic Lantern

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Re: 7D- 2 questions: Custom WB and Magic Lantern

Sailor Blue wrote:

Wei Kelun wrote:

Of course, it might be easier to shoot everything in RAW with auto-WB, and fix if needed in post.

Please don't do that.  Every time you encounter someone with different colored clothing or every time the color of the background changes the WB will change if you use Auto WB.  The result is that you wind up having to fix the WB in post processing for many, many images, adjusting each one individually.

You are better off simply selecting the preset WB setting that is the closest match to the lighting conditions then applying a WB correction globally to all the images shot in the same lighting conditions.

Using a Custom WB is a major step up on using a preset WB value.

Of course the best way is to shoot RAW with a Custom WB and include a WB card, or even better a ColorChecker, in one of the images shot in each lighting condition.

Disagree.  I've used nothing but Auto WB and shot RAW from Day 1.  I find Auto WB to be acceptably accurate under most conditions (mostly outdoors... less so indoors).  Where it isn't, finding a white or grey area to key WB is generally not an issue.  Manually setting WB not only takes time (possibly resulting in a lost shot), but it may still result in WB that isn't quite right.  If that works for you, great, but I've found Auto WB to be quite acceptable.  Admittedly, I'm not a pro, and if I were shooting under very challenging conditions (say a wedding in a large church), I might use Custom WB (or at least use a grey card) to ensure optimal WB.  But in my case, anyway, that's a real rarity.

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