Sony HX300 or Canon SX50?

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Re: Sony HX300 or Canon SX50?

KJaay wrote:  I think the SX50 might have better IQ. only by a little, but the speed and video Sony has the edge, and also some cool low light and scene modes!

Both cams are great, but don't forget the HX200v which has great IQ and video, I chose the HX 300 because of the zoooom!


When you say speed if you are talking lens, then the SX50 has much better noise reduction and detail retention at higher ISOs--giving it better apparent faster lens.  If you are talking shutter then the Sony is faster. As for video--you the Sony has that locked, but at high zoom it has this quirky skewing and the IS caused the image to dance as it holds and releases it--there are always trade offs.  Yes the Sony has better low light and scene modes. I like both cameras for what they are, but I found the SX50 super zoom up to 200x to be a delight at higher ISOs. Ugh, I'm still trying to decide myself along with the Fuji SL1000, which I have finally ruled out, however it isn't bad and has some nice features and a much better EVF.

Also, if you go over to the Canon forum you'll find they also have a firmware hack that can add motion detection, extreme long shutter speeds, incredible timelapse, and control over the aperature that go well beyond the firmware--search for SX50 CHDK. Look for the youtube pics. Certainly not for the novice, but definitely got my circulation going.

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