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deckhanddavy wrote:

Franka T.L. wrote:

and its great. I recall when Ricoh bring out the GR-1 back them ( its the film compact ) the market was really really excited. now we can have a quality lens in a quality compat body that we can do our photo seriously. Not even a Leica M with a comparable 28mm lens can be as compact, lightweight and pocketable. At the time it really replace the 28mm lens that I would carry along with my SLR ( Contax for the matter ).

Now with Digital, the GR-D is surely pocketbale, but the sensor is really the limiting factor. If one use a quality mirrorless or DSLR as their system and wanting to port along a pocketable that can do the same; there really is no alternative. Now rioch had plug that gap.

I am eagerly looking forward to this cam for sure.

Well said, and all of those points are what Ricoh is aiming to capitalize on with the new GR.

I consider myself the absolute target demographic for a camera of this nature/design. Large sensor with amazing IQ, tack sharp wide angle prime lens, quick and responsive, professional rugged build quality, the best user ergonomics available in a P&S body, and most importantly, small form factor, or what others now call 'pocketability'.

This truly is my dream camera at the moment and I feel that it will have a good amount of technology longevity in the upcoming years with its over the top specifications.

I absolutely cannot wait until I get my hands on it. I pre-ordered it last night at BH

Very exiting indeed. If only it was a full frame... the depth of field advantage would have been amazing.

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