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deckhanddavy wrote:

ElessarJD wrote:

Cane wrote:

ElessarJD wrote:

Cane wrote:

So it's a NEX 6, with all the cool features removed?

Does an NEX 6 have a fixed lens with automatic lens cover?  Does an NEX 6 fit in your pants pocket?  No.  Apples and oranges man, get a clue.

So you can't put a NEX with a Sigma 30mm pancake in your pocket, but you can put this in it? The NEX is 120 x 67 x 43, the GR is 117 x 61 x 35. Appleas and apples. You can borrow my clue, I don't need it. And byw, the fixed lens thing isn't a positive.

No you can't: http://camerasize.com/compact/#454,375.369,ha,t

Not to mention you still need to manually put on and take off the lens cover for a pancake lens.  Any other questions?

LOL - Cane is SERIOUSLY reaching here!! I doubt he can rebuttal with anything at this point. The large flipping grip on the NEX is the first obvious reason why it's not truly pocketable. /sigh...fanboys

People, people, don't get your panties in such a wad. I didn't say they were exactly the same size, they are 'roughly' the same size. You all act as if two camera's aren't EXACT TWINS, then it's just crazy talk to even suggest they may be able to be comparable. Oh the humanity.

And it's really the size of the pocket that matters, isn't it? I am sure there are plenty of pockets both fit into and plenty neither fit into. Good luck wearing a pair of jeans not from the 80's with either of these at their sizes. Whether it's the lens that sticks out or the grip, it doesn't really matter, it still has to breach the pocket opening. And yes, I could only find the picture of the crap NEX with that kit lens, not the pancake being discussed.

And to the guy that keeps yelling on about the lens cap...ok, I hear you, what a huge difference! How could someone even think to compare the two, I know? You can put your tinfoil hat back on and breath into a paper bag again.

Those giant lens caps are always getting in the way. Thank God a solution has been found.

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