Question about reliability: NX20

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Re: Question about reliability: NX20

saratw3 wrote:

I have been a long time lurker but this is my first post.

I used to own a NX11 which I regretfully sold last year.  I am looking at purchasing an NX20 through an online retailer (B&H).  Problem is that I purchased two copies here at a local store (same company; two different locations).  Each one had a defect.  In one, the front control dial did not work. I exchanged it for a second.  In the second, the viewfinder diopter would move in and out of focus.  The retailer kindly allowed me to return the second one but after that experience I did not want to purchase the camera as there appeared to be quality issues (at least in the batch that was sent to my city).

So my question is: how is the reliablility on the NX20 from your experience?  I never had any issues with the NX11 when I owned one.  I have a credit with B&H and they have a really good deal now ($557).  My concern is that I will get another dud and I may have trouble with getting it repaired under Samsung's US warranty as I live in Canada.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all!  -Taras

I just returned my NX20 for a broken viewfinder diopter (viewfinder went all blurry and couldn't be adjusted at all).  I don't abuse it at all, but don't baby it either.

On the plus side Samsung Warranty work in US seems fast, I shipped the camera on Saturday priority mail and they finished it yesterday and are shipping it back today.  I don't know the quality of service yet, but speed of service seems extremely fast.  I might get this camera back before I get my NX300 I ordered to hold me over while my NX20 was being fixed.  I figured it would take a month

Since you are in Canada, as you say, could have more issues with warranty.  I don't know if you would have to ship back to US for service or just ship to service center in Canada.  For the price though you can't go wrong.  Mine went about 49 weeks before I had an issue, it failed 1 week before warranty was up based on pre-order date (or about 3 weeks left based on ship date).  Don't know which they enforce.

Overall I have been pleased with Samsung, those two problems seem frequent (control dials and viewfinder diopters in NX20, I think NX10/11 is fine, don't know).


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