Here's my plan for 5D Mark III - does it make sense?

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Re: Here's my plan for 5D Mark III - does it make sense?

lordbeau wrote:

Let us know how you like the 6D.

The problems I have had with Nikon are numerous:  a lens that died within 24 hours, a lens that was badly miscentred, a body that started corrupting files, then D7000 with terrible backfocus which had to go back to Nikon twice because the first time they made it worse. Then I got a D7100 on which the left focus points were off. I didn’t even think to check until I saw another post with the same problem. Of course, with the D800, they had left AF problems, then with the D600 oil and dust. I used to enjoy Canon a lot and should have stayed really. My 20D developed a minor fault with the flash-shoe and I switched. At the time the Nikon D200 was a good camera and you’re right in that Nikon sensors are renowned. Having said that, the skin tones in D7000 and D7100 are not to my liking and both cameras overexpose in bright conditions. I think Canon really had a breakthrough with the original 5D, and the 7D has a good following. I am torn between 5D and 6D but I don’t think my future is with Nikon. It will be costly to switch.

Yes ! the first 5D was a real break through and I loved this camera. I refrained my desire to update from the D60 to the 10D and then 20D.. and was so happy to replace it with the 5D, the first affordable FF; I got one immediately.

I have looked at all those three cameras carefully : 5DII which sells at the same price as the 6D right now, 6D and 5DIII. I'd say that the choice between the 5DIII and the 6D depends upon what kind of subjects you are shooting. If you need a more reactive camera (for sport, event photography and perhaps also photojournalism), then the obvious choice is the 5DIII. As for me, I'm rather taking pictures of still subjects (architecture, landscapes, little things of everyday life etc...), so I appreciate the lighter 6D body and the added features (GPS and WIFI). I didn't choose it because it was less expensive, but because it was lighter. If I need a travel camera or a more reactive one, I do still have the E-M5 because I just love it and I don't do birds in flight nor fast action or sport.

I will try to share my impressions when I get it. After one year using the E-M5 almost exclusively, I fear the bulk and weight of a DSLR 

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