Happily switched from Aperture to Lightroom?

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Jacques Cornell
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The A-Team wrote:

I have been using Aperture for about 3 years now, and I think it's time for a switch. Speed issues.

For those who have switched, what has been your experience? Are you pleased overall? What aspects are you more pleased with? What are you less happy with?

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My biz partner used Aperture and Lightroom side by side for years, then defaulted to Aperture after version 3 came out, primarily because of LR's modular interface. He's got a Nikon D800E, which really taxes the hardware, and doesn't see a substantial speed difference between the two apps. If speed is your bugaboo, there are a few things you can do. First, when editing (reviewing & ranking), in Aperture you can hit the "P" key to switch to Quick View mode, which displays a RAW file's built-in JPEG preview rather than rendering the RAW file. This give almost instantaneous image display when clicking through large numbers of images. Second, with my referenced Aperture libraries, I've found that putting the libraries on an SSD makes most operations perkier. The referenced image files reside on a Thunderbolt RAID, which is no slouch, either. Having at least 8GB RAM helps, and 16GB is marginally better. Also, if you're on a Core 2 Duo or Core i5 machine, the newer Core i7 processors are substantially faster. A quad-Core i7 Mac mini with 16GB RAM and an SSD makes a killer budget Aperture machine. It seems that Aperture 3 is less GPU-dependent than earlier versions, so the lack of a separate graphics card is not a liability. My 2012 13" Macbook Pro is 50% faster than my 2008 8-core Mac Pro was.

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