Fuji X-S1, HS50EXR & Panasonic FZ200 Comparison

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But isnt that just the point??

Because of the fast lens, the FZ200 gives you ( as most of us know) the possibility to:

- use faster shutter speeds if needed for sports/fast movements


- keep ISO .... at lower rates than "other" cams when the light is not optimal, or when the cam hits high apertures because of zooming in at full length.

iso-100  instead of iso-400 or iso-200 instaed of iso-800 (we can  see the differance at the last pics..)


- a combination of these two.

We can also see whát is true about the "claim",    that other sensors should be better in high iso than the FZ200 in low iso.

Sure i would like to see hów the iso-100 compares to the iso-100, but reducing (tweaking back) the FZ200 to  a far reduced Aperture, and that way deliberately , scr****  the best possible resolution, is imho not the right way to test

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