Fuji X-S1, HS50EXR & Panasonic FZ200 Comparison

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Re: Fuji X-S1, HS50EXR & Panasonic FZ200 Comparison

nicknd99 wrote:

Thanks Frank.  One of the concerns I have is the FZ's dynamic range.  In shooting the camera this weekend, I found myself blowing out the highlights in a few shots despite dialing in  - EV.  I've read some complaints about JPEG noise as the ISO creeps up, but with the FZ's fast lens, and no plans to shoot this camera indoors much, I'm not overly concerned.  What has your experience been?

Nick, I don't own the FZ200 but the FZ150 is a close comparison. As a nature and landscape photographer, the 150 excels. As I said, I own most of the Fuji HS line up; all pale in comparison to the Panny in shot to shot time, clarity of image, and PF/CA issues. The colors of the Fuji are beautiful, and they are known for such but color can be boosted or intensified in post processing if desired. I shoot mostly JPEG, long end of the zoom. I've shot a few weddings, but not with the Panny FZ150.

Here are some examples I've taken with the 150; I've seen images from the 200 that are super impressive.  I'd recommend viewing them in slideshow mode [click on the image to initiate]. Good luck, Nick in making your choice!

Extreme distance/crop:

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