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Re: How can you evaluate a lens you do not ow ?

MBenChikh wrote:

Considering my experience with this lens, I guess you will be very disappointed.

It is decentered. Then, it is common that it suffers from front focusing (mine did). This lens is the main reason why I decided to sell my Sigma SD15 camera, and not buying the SD1, investing instead in the DPx Merrill instead.

There is nothing worst than not trusting your camera, and this is finally what I experienced with this lens. When you focus right, and thif picture comes out of focus, there is something very wrong. This lens is perfect on paper, not in real life. Results can be stunning for scenery, but for macros, portraits, it is not reliable.

Well, this is my experience, and I am sure many will tell you the same story. You should instead consider the 17-70 as it semore it does not suffer from these issues...



I have a 17-50 early production, with SA-mount.  Had to send SD15 and lens to Sigma for focus calibration, since SD15 does not have micro-adjust.  After that the lens worked very well, but it does have slight decentering with loss of focus on the left side.  Not a serious problem on the SD15, but more noticeable on my SD1.

I think you made a good decision to go someplace other than Sigma DSLRs.  I continued beyond the SD15 with a SD1 purchase when they suddenly got affordable, just before the SD1M hit the market.  Generally I had to manually focus my SD1 regardless of lens, and micro adjust optimized focus at one distance for a given lens (OK for tourist shots though).

At this point I've had no end of bad luck cleaning sensors on my SD15 and SD1 and plan to soon send both to Sigma for a thorough sensor cleaning.  Sigma USA generally does really good work so I have high hopes, just waiting until I feel I can pay for this.

If I had known then what I know now, I would have gone with a DP2M.  At the moment the only Sigma purchase I am thinking about is a DP3M.  If I get dust on the sensor I can use some software to remove it.  Less chance of getting dust on the DPxM sensors because lenses have leaf shutters, not focal plane shutters that churn the air next to the sensor with every shot.

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