OBEN CC2310L or CC2310LA

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Re: OBEN CC2310L or CC2310LA

Well today is wednesday and I just received an answer from B&H to my email on moinday.

Hello Robert, my name is Steven C:
Thank you for contacting the E-Mail Sales Department at B&H Photo Video and Pro Audio.
After researching this and even looking at both on Oben's web site and can see no difference in either the description or specifications, and I have found no difference in the 2.
The only difference now is that the Oben CC 2310L has been discontinued and we are only carrying the Oben CC 2310LA.
Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.
Thank you, we appreciate your business.
Steven C
B&H Photo Video and Pro Audio

When I asked this question, their website had both models available and there was a $20 difference.  Now, after getting a third answer that is slightly different from the other two, I am really confused.  Maybe I will stick with hand holding the camera.  One of the most reespected stores has really let me down with 3 different answers to my simple question about Oben tripods which is especially bad since Oben is theier own brand.  B&H owns Oben, they should know it.

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